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When it comes to protecting your sensitive information on the internet and on your stand-alone machine it’s important to make note of a couple of key details.

But why listen to me anyway I’m just some guy on the internet spilling the beans so to speak. So I currently work for a Private Investigation Firm in the United Kingdom and have been privileged enough to have been preview to some of the techniques used in obtaining your sensitive information.

In 2015 I attended a conference in Las Vegas called “Osmosis” which covers predominantly Private Investigation through Social Media and there were a number of key note speakers all talking about different aspects of online investigation and what steps they would take to find your information and what steps they took to hide their information from the rest of the net or world.

This convention hosted FBI agents, Private Investigators, Police Forces, Private Security Agencies, Computer Forensic Specialist, Black Hat Hackers and many more. The interesting thing about this event was the fact that even the people hosting the event could not hide their information from these online detectives and trackers exposing just how vulnerable we are not only to the Government but to any terrorists or hackers / thieves.

Some of the key speakers were so paranoid they even went to the lengths of drilling out their camera’s on their machines, using nail polish around the casing of their laptops to see if the machine had been tampered with! The event to say the least was interesting on so many different levels, with techniques such as using computer Key Loggers to mimic your passwords. Dummy operating systems that destroy your usage details as soon as you unplug the USB drive and much more.

So what I learnt from this seminar was the following:

  1. Protect Yourself – Make sure that you read the terms and conditions of any third party applications or software you use on your mobile phones and work stations. In some of the mobile apps particularly on Android based operating systems you might have granted the application developer rights to your information at will and the ability to access your camera at any given time! Example: there is a Russian app developer who developed a torch app that grants them access to your phone and all it’s information at any given point along with the ability to access your camera at will. ALWAYS check the terms and conditions don’t just click accept!
  2. Be careful not to activate “Location” settings on your mobile devices and work stations / laptops this is the easiest way for someone to trace your current location. Mobile applications such as Instagram can triangulate your exact location provided you’ve left your location settings activated.
  3. Your browsing history is NOT safe no matter how much you think you can hide it using VPN’s. ISP providers log everything you do and to top it all off most of them know the registered IP addresses used by a VPN software such as Hide My Ass. Which is why things like the Onion Browser and Dark Web exist.
  4. Don’t use the same login information, many times the Private Investigation Firms can track you down by means of a single username or email address.
  5. Lastly check your childrens phones and settings it’s often the main source of the problem as your children will install applications at will and grant these applications access to their contacts and emails deploying all their friends and family information to the app developers and any third party companies.

I hope that the few tips presented above scare you into being more careful with how you conduct your day to day tasks and usage of the World Wide Web and it’s applications.

Cyber Crime is a reality and as the world moves more and more towards online trends and technology it’s become crucial for us as the end users to keep our information safe from wrong doers and criminals. Protect your children and their time spent on the internet by doing random spot checks and do your best to take control of their usage and what they are authorized to install on their devices and work stations.

I write this article with the best intentions in mind and advise anyone interested in safe guarding themselves to dig deeper into this and educate yourself and your children to the dangers that lay in the web and it’s darker side, for more information visit the following companies websites and I’d highly recommend Michael Bazzell’s Open Source Intelligence Techniques – 5th Edition (2016).

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Tips For The Small Business Owner

macbook-606763_12801-1024x680Every business deals with selling. This is a universal concept but is this product or a service. Any business needs customers to progress or expand. It takes all kinds of people to make a world and so the business of business is no

A small business owner never dreams to be a millionaire and that is one satisfying part of starting a business. This is a major hurdle that has been cleared in the first round. As one is clear in the mind about the small business then let us go on to the next rung of the ladder. A small business owner will still need employees to do his or her work. It cannot be a one man show just to cut costs.

The advantages of small business are that it creates valuable customer services. The products are always ones that are suited for each and every one and so it creates its own niche. Small businesses are often trusted for their integrity and customer services, one must always understand that the brand is much more than one’ ego. So to make one’s product stand out then the brand has to be strong and one must be able to pin point what is unique about the

Words of mouth serve as a great advertiser but one cannot just depend on that. In a world of cut throat competition every word spread may not necessarily be in favor of the product or brand. It has been seen that at times even the most outgoing and charming small business owner will not be able to bring his customer back unless the product or service they have promised exceeds expectations. One must never lose sight of the product as one must know that it is the one bringing in all the money.

One reason for small business people to fail in their endeavor is because they are usually not present. When the owner does not show much interest in the business the employees get de motivated. This can lead to a slump in the service. However one can still do good business even if he is not always in the picture. For this one must need to strike a perfect balance between the customer and the product. So it is very clear that business thrives when the owner is in full charge.geico-more-SmallBiz-post-2016

First impression is the last impression is a very old saying that still stands solid. When one has decided on the product and the logo one should never change it. The logo and the name should be noticeable or recognizable. It should reflect the nature of the business as well as an appeal to the market. The logo and the product should reflect the personality of the brand. It has been seen that a logo is something that stays embedded in memory forever.

It is very important for the employees and the customers interact with each other so that the brand message is clearly focused One must always remember that a successful product is one that is respected and trusted by customers.