Getting the right plumbers for you home in Stoke on Trent

Choosing a tradesman like plumbers in Stoke on Trent can be one of the most difficult things to do in order to maintain your home. It can be a particularly difficult task if you are just moving to a new area or home and don’t have any contacts to make recommendations.

First an foremost though, can you do the plumbing yourself? Now I’m not saying that every plumbing job can be done my a non trained professional but there are a number that can be. For example if you’re simply calling out a plumber to unblock a drain or sink then there are a number of online guides that can help you before it’s time to call them in. such as these here.

Sometimes you just need a plumbers in Stafford or wherever it is that you’re based in the UK to come out and help. In order to find the right person for your needs, be sure to check out the website of the company that you’re phoning. A plumbing company that has taken pride in the appearance of their website can often be a good indicator that they offer a good service but of course there are exceptions to this rule of thumb.

Be sure that the plumbers that you phone actually carry out the services that you need. For example, not all plumbers work with central heating systems, the worst that can happen is that you call someone out, pay them for their time only to find that you don’t do what you need.

Silent Gliss Curtain Tracks in your home

Ever wanted to automate your home with a gadget that will both save you time and look impressive? Well if you have then an a Silent Gliss Curtain track may well be the solution!

Automated curtains are incredible things to watch, they give you the feeling that you are truely living life in the future. When you press that button and all of a sudden your home lights up or when you get home at night and you want to close your curtains, you can do so easily. Electric curtains such as those from Silent Gliss are not that expensive either, they are certainly cheaper than you might assume at first.

You can pick up a top of the range curtain track for you home at around £300 and they work around your existing curtains too, so there’s no need to change your design or do anything drastic to your home. I made the change over to a motorised curtain system going back almost a year now and I can honestly say, I don’t know how I would live without them!


Oak beams for a natural look in your home

There are few materials that have stood the test of time like a oaky beam, they have always been found through houses and homes across the country. Oak beams are a particularly fashionable way to decorate your home, especially in the UK. Fortunately oak as a wood is indigenous to the UK too, so supply is always plentiful.

Unlike some other soft woods such as pine though, oak trees and beams can take an extremely long time to reach maturity and a stage where they can be harvested and used for furniture in peoples’ homes. It can take almost 300 years for oak trees to reach full size, this therefore means that every time that a tree is cut down to be used as decoration another will never grow to full size for anther two generations or so.

The popularity of oak beams in people’s homes

Perhaps it is the fact that oak takes so much time to grow that makes it so desirable. It is an undeniably beautiful wood though whichever way that you look at it, there are few woods that compare to its naturally elegant finish. It’s used for all manner of tasks too, not only are people using oak for things like wooden flooring but they are also using it as part of the structure of their homes because it is also an extremely durable material.

oak furniture